The Norwegian Solidarity Comitee for Latin America, or Latina-Amerikagruppene i Norge in Norwegian, is a solidarity organisation supporting the social movements in Latin America.

They support the movements that work against military oppression, abuse of human rights, market liberalism and discrimination (especially against native people and women) – and for the establishment of a real and particapatory democracy.

They also organize youth-exchanges every year: North-South, South-North and South-South

In 2013 the North-South exchange, called a solidarity brigade, is going to Nicaragua. I will be partaking in this, along with eight other Norwegians with different backgrounds. After the 4-5 month stay of mixed political programs and village living we will be going back to Norway full of a new world and ready to spread the word for the next 6 months. We will be doing a part-time information campaign all fall, so keep your eyes and ears open when the time comes for that.

You can find more information about my brigade here and you can follow our twitter account with everyone’s blogs here

LAG can be found here or here


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